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Imran Khan’s Anti-Politics

Let me dispel this impression:

“PTI supporters hoped Khan would challenge the entrenched power structures that have kept Pakistan underdeveloped…”

[From an article that was published in The Express Tribune]

Most of the supporters of the IK/PTI were/(are) haters of politics and politicians generally, and especially Sharif Family and Benazir Bhutto/Zardari Family.

That’s why not many of these supporters got disappointed by the politics of Imran Khan while in the government and while out of the government.

That was and that is largely a revengeful campaign.

…a revengeful campaign eventually embraced by the Establishment and wholeheartedly supported also.

Whereas it is imperative that by repudiating politics, and out of politics, there’s no other way to better organize a society.

Mostly they are fascists who are anti-politics.

Anti-politics is not politics. It may be this or that form of fascism, but it’s not politics at all.

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